Sunday, March 4, 2012

The Knitting Needle Case - made from scraps!

I was going through my fabric bin and I discovered the leftover cut shirt from my fooler shirt project and a leftover pillow cover that I had meant to sew up. Then, I got a wild idea for organizing my knitting needles: a roll-up knitting needle case. I was also inspired by projects in fabric books and the make-up brush case from Sew 4 Fun that I found pinned to Pinterest.

For this project, I used home decor-weight fabric and an old button-up cotton shirt. For the case, I used two 16 by 16 inch squares along with two more pieces that measured 4 by 16 inches and 8 by 16 inches. These two smaller pieces will be the two levels of "pockets" that hold the needles. I cut "bias tape" from the button up shirt that measured 3 inches wide but came in various pieces (there are pictures below). I also used my sewing machine, matching thread, pins and a measuring tape.

First, I measured the pieces and did some adjusting where necessary. I also cut the first piece of "bias tape" and used it as a guide for cutting the rest of the shirt into strips. I pinned and sewed them together to form a long strip of bias tape.

(It's hard to see in the pic but I have one strip laid over the shirt as a rough measurement and I am cutting up the side)

Then, I did the zigzag stitch on the cut edge of each of the dividing pockets, then pinned and sewed them down for a clean edge.

 Once the two cut edges were folded and sewed down, I placed them on the good side of one of the larger 16 by 16 squares like so, pinned along the edges and sewed all three layers together. 

I started to measure the pockets now. I used the measuring tape to create lines at 2 1/2 inches, 2 inches then 1 1/2 inches lengthwise and sewed down through the two layers to the bottom to create pockets for knitting needles. For each measurement, I marked it with a pin and sewed down to the bottom in a straight line.

Once the pockets were created, I had to create the bias tape. I ironed it and pressed each side about 1 cm on each side to create bias tape. Then I started pinning it to around the edge of the knitting needle case.

Then, it was done!

The last thing to do was to create a tie with some leftover shirt bias tape. I simply folded it over and sewed it together.

Estimated time for this project: about 1 hour. This seriously did not take long! Most of it was spent on the ironing and bias tape.

  • This can be done with any color combination and with or without bias tape. 
  • A serger can always be used whenever I noted that I used the zigzag stitch. 
  • I'd use a heavier-weight fabric for this project like home decor or upholstery weight. Quilting and fashion-weight fabrics aren't stiff enough to last with a project like this. 

  • Why not make one out of leftover jeans or curtains?
  • Contrast stitching can also be done. Perhaps a white fabric with bright blue bias tape and stitching?
  • Why not stencil or embroider each pocket with the size of the needles? (Ex. US1, 2, 3, etc.)

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