Some people have asked me a few questions about crafting so I will answer them here.

Q. Where do you get your ideas?

Most of the time, I get my ideas from seeing similar projects on websites like Etsy or CraftStylish. Sometimes I look at my clothes and wonder how they can be remodeled then I figure out how to do it. Most of my posts are projects that I worked out for myself.

Q. What kind of sewing machine do you have?

I have a basic $160 sewing machine from Sears that I got in 2008. It's not expensive and it rarely gives me problems. I don't have a serger but I plan on getting one once we are in a house.

Q. Where did you learn to sew/knit/cross-stitch, etc?

I learned how to sew from watching my mom and our home economics class in junior high. I taught myself to knit from YouTube videos in October 2010 and I taught myself how to cross stitch by buying a small kit in 2009 and just doing it. I tend to do research in a hobby, watch how it's done (usually by YouTube) then do it myself. I like to figure it out for myself or watch others do something then learn from them.

Q. Why did you put "XX" or "XX" on your blog?

Some of the things that I post might seem a little silly (ex. "why did she put a picture of dish soap on there?!") but I think of it this way: in order to demonstrate something, take a picture of it. Even if that picture is of dish soap in a reused container with a pump.

What I post is usually about something that I learned so I want to share it with others. I also want to write it all down in such a way so that if I ever forget, I can reread the post and relearn it.

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