Sunday, March 4, 2012

Stamped wedding invitation envelopes

I wanted to spruce up the envelopes for my wedding invitations -- it is a very special day after all, right? I wanted something simple though that didn't take oodles of time. So, I got the idea to stamp the envelopes.

For this project, I used the wedding invitation envelopes, a nice big bold stamp and an ink pad in the colour of choice (for me, this was coffee brown). A lap desk or hard surface like a closed laptop is also very useful.

The directions for this are simple: decide where you want to place the stamp on the envelope. For me, this was in the lower left corner. Then press the stamp into the ink, and stamp the envelope. Move to the next one.

Estimated time for this project: due to numerous breaks and other engagements, this took me four evenings to complete 250 envelopes. After doing 50 or so, I had to take a break because my wrists hurt!

  • For the best image, press the stamp from the ball of your wrist and put even pressure around the corners. Don't press lightly and try not to smudge the image. After a number of printings, your wrist should hurt but the image is crisp and clear.
  • My colours were: cream envelopes, coffee brown stamp pads and a large fleur-de-lys stamp (bought in Tennessee).
  • The possibilities for this are endless: which colour? which type of stamp? Do you only stamp once or a few times? Which corner should you use? Should it be the front or the back?

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