Monday, June 25, 2012

Finished project: La scapigliata

A while ago, I posted my in-progress pictures of la Scapigliata. Now I can finally say that after four years of starting and stopping this project, she's finally finished!! I just have to mount and frame her now and put her on the wall.

How did I do it? Obsessive cross stitching. I seriously lived and breathed this project for a whole month. I said that I wanted to finish her in June so I did it. Something just clicked in my head saying that it was time to finish her.

(detail of her flowing hair)

(detail of her hairline)

(detail of her face)

This project only took me four years but she's finally done. If I had spent more time on this instead of constantly doing a section and putting it aside she would have been done in six months.

***Update 04/08/2012***

Sorry, I forgot to mention that this is not a pattern that I created nor do I claim ownership of it. The pattern was published in Cross Stitch Collection magazine, issue 160 (August 2008), pages 32-35. It was designed by Maria Diaz.

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  1. Hello. I really love this. I wonder if you could send me the pattern. Thank you very much. Mon.