Monday, November 7, 2011

Pajama pants refashioned into a skirt

What do you do with pajama pants that shrink and bag out around the knees? Well, there is enough fabric there to make a lounge skirt so that is just what I did.

For this project I used another pair of capri pajama pants that I had already sewn up (as a "pattern"), scissors, pins, matching thread and the sewing machine. 

I laid another pair of pajama pants over these ones and cut them where the seam was. I want for this lounge skirt to be the same length as these capri pajama pants.

Next, I cut out the seam that went up the inside of the legs. 

I folded the pants over like so and cut away the crotch (sorry, there isn't a better word!):

This was the first side (I only cut away this much):

 And this was the back:

 Here is the result.

 Time for the sewing. I took front and sewed the two former legs together. 

I did the same to the back then it was done.

I cut away a little from the back at the bottom of the seam as I had too much fabric. I didn't sew up the bottom as this was jersey and I didn't care if it rolled up. Done!

Estimated time for this project: 30 minutes. Seriously, this was a very quick one.

  • This can very easily be done with cotton pajama pants. I prefer jersey. 
  • This skirt is SO comfortable. It's not tight or short. I'm only going to wear it around home so I don't care if it's perfect.

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