Monday, November 7, 2011

Shortened pajama pants

I have a problem: I buy pajama pants and after they go through the dryer a few times they are three inches shorter. This drives me nuts. I also don't have enough money to buy the exercise wardrobe that I want so I got this idea: shorten these pajama pants into capris and use them for working out.

For this project, I used another pair of capri pajama pants as a "pattern", scissors, pins, matching thread and the sewing machine. 

I took another pair of pajama pants that I had made into capris and used them as a "pattern". I smoothed both pairs of pants out and matched them up.

I cut the pajama pants about 1 inch below the line of the capris. 

Then, I took each pant leg and sewed the cut edge down. I folded it down once and then again like shown in the pictures.

Then I sewed it down with a straight stitch on both legs. 

That was it! Done!

Estimated time for this project: 20 minutes. This is a really quick one, especially if you already have a guide like a pair of capris that fit properly to use as a pattern.

  • With the leftover pant leg fabric from these pajama pants, I made cloth handkerchiefs. I cut them into the appropriate dimensions then did a quick zigzag stitch around all of the edges (a serger works too). 

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