Monday, January 2, 2012

100% wearable wardrobe

I heard that we wear 20% of our wardrobe 80% of the time and I started thinking: why do we do that? It's so true that I have clothing that I just don't wear and every year I take some of it to the Salvation Army. Other pieces I keep with the thought that I can wear it someday or that I will wear it someday.

Well, time to throw all of those thoughts out the window. I want to pick up every article of clothing and wear it this year. So, time to get organized.

I will go through the closet, drawers and other places that I store clothes bit by bit and I will decide if these items are a keep or a toss. These are the following categories that I will most likely have:
  • Keep - I wear it a lot
  • Keep - It's stained / ripped / etc. and I want to fix it
  • Keep - It's too small and I can't part with it
  • Keep - I want to remodel / refashion / upcycle / reuse it
  • Salvation Army - I can't do anything with this
  • Garbage - It's beyond hope (this is usually old pantyhose and things like that).
So, I will pick up every single article of clothing that I have and think for a second: do I have a good feeling about this article? Do I wear it often? Is there something wrong with it that is stopping me from wearing it today?

Then after that, I will examine everything for holes, stains, rips, tears, and any other issues (it's too small, it's too short, it's too long, etc.).

Stay tuned for updates! More posts will come as I remodel, upcycle, etc.


  1. I've decided to go through all my clothes this year too and turf what I don't wear/doesn't fit/torn or ripped etc. If you've got any more tips, lemme know!

  2. Wonderful! Well, I can say that it takes awhile. I started last night and I only got through two drawers. If I devote a few evenings to it, I should be able to go through everything.