Sunday, December 11, 2011

Glamorous glittery ornaments

These are some wooden die-cut ornaments that I bought from Dollarama last year. They come in sets of 4 in various wordings (Noel, Peace, Love, etc.). I got the idea of making these brilliant glittery ornaments from looking at a magazine with some similar ornaments on it. I just thought: those are so lovely...I can make those myself!

For this project, I used the wooden ornaments, acrylic paint, paintbrush, an orphaned container to hold paint/glue, glitter glue, fine glitter in color of choice, a 1/4 teaspoon or small spoon, newspaper, and ribbon or embroidery floss for hanging. I also used a second container which held water when I was painting.

To start, I cut the ribbon off because it didn't match the style of these ornaments. I will restring it later. 

Then, I painted them. I had to do it in two coats and allow drying time in between. I had a system of side one, dry, side 2, dry, then edges. Then I did it all again.

Then, it was time to glitter! The fun part!

I used a smaller paintbrush and painted a thin layer of glitter glue onto the ornament in sections - one letter at a time.  I was moving pretty fast because I couldn't let the glue dry.

I added the glitter to a 1/4 tsp for dusting on the glued part of the ornament.

I dusted the glue part all over with the glitter.

Then I shook off the excess. I reused that glitter over and over until I needed more from the container as I painted each letter with glue then glittered.

Here is the glittery masterpiece! (I only did the front). 

Then I used some leftover brown yarn and strung it up using a wool needle, or knitting needle. Done!

Estimated time for this project: two evenings (about 3 hours each). It took a lot of time to for the painting as it had to dry on all sides. Also, painting the inside curves took more patience. Glittering took time as well but it went fast with a great movie playing in the background.

  • These were cheap wooden ornaments from Dollarama but this could probably be done with foam cut-outs too, but perhaps skip the painting part. 
  • I used acrylic craft paint. 
  • After the glitter has adhered to the glittery glue, it should not come off. Whatever excess comes off will come off, but don't expect for it to peel off or anything. Although, some comes off on your fingers when you touch it (that is to be expected though). 
  • You could use some spray sealer after glittering to be sure that nothing comes off. 
  • Once the season is over, simply wrap these in tissue paper and store away for next year. Fabric wrappings aren't really ideal as they can make the glitter come off.
  • There are so many color combinations out there for this one! I used a paint and glitter that matched for a glamorous look but you could try a color and glitter that are different colors (ex. white paint, pink, blue or red glitter). 
  • You could keep the original tag if it matches your decor more. It might be more difficult to paint around though. 
  • You can use many things for threading these ornaments: thin ribbon, embroidery floss, yarn, twine, and metallic string.

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