Monday, November 21, 2011

Website discovery: Essortment, Ehow and WikiHow

I have just discovered the websites Essortment, Ehow and WikiHow and I have to share my favorite links of the moment. I love these three websites because the articles are written by people who have experience in how to do something thus they post it for all of the rest of us. I love knowledge-based articles!

These are my current favorite links on Essortment:
  1. 25 Places to Meet New People
  2. How to Make Your Own Facial Scrub or Mask
  3. Uses for Old Coffee Grounds
  4. The History of Root Beer
  5. Do it Yourself: Fixing Scratches in Wood Furniture and Trim
  6. Make Your Own Scented Body Oil
  7. Making Homemade Milk Soap
  8. How to Remove Sticker and Tape Goo
  9. Burning Patterns into Wood
  10. Laptop vs. Desktop
These are my current favorite links on Ehow:
  1. How to Make a Brown Sugar Lemon Body Scrub
  2. Sore Throat Pain Remedies
  3. Homemade Bath Salts
  4. Homemade Lip Balm - made from coconut oil!
  5. Make Curls Overnight Using Rags
  6. How to Live Thrifty
  7. 20 Holiday Trees Gone Wild
  8. Category: Sewing and Upholstry
  9. Techniques for Stenciling Furniture
  10. How to set Food Portion Sizes for Young Children
These are my current favorite links on WikiHow:
  1. How to Stencil Fabric
  2. How to Make a Glowstick
  3. How to Make a Candle with Essential Oils - bonus! makes body oil
  4. How to do Pranks with Garden Gnomes
  5. How to Set up a Sewing Room
  6. How to Make a Crop Circle
  7. How to Go Green at Work
  8. How to Avoid Workplace Flu
  9. How to Stop Procrastinating (and, even better, the Category)
  10. How to Get Rid of Junk Mail

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