Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Fabric Tiles

What a great way to pull a room together: fabric-covered tiles. I had this idea awhile back as I had some canvas frames that I wanted to paint. I bought 4 large canvas frames from Omar de Serres for $20. Instead of painting them, I covered them in fabric like so:

This is a fabulous idea because now I can change the decor in my rooms by changing the fabric on the frames instead of painting the walls, changing the drapes, etc.

To do this at home, you will need a canvas frame, 1 yard of home decor fabric, a staple gun with heavy-duty staples, a hammer and small hooks to hang this on the wall.

This project is really simple. Lay the fabric out on a table with the printed side face down. Lay the canvas face down on top of the fabric and cut about 2 inches extra on all edges then cut the fabric. Pull the fabric taught in the center of the top of the frame, check to see how the fabric looks by flipping the canvas over, then staple the center. Do the same with the bottom then the sides. All four sides are now stapled.

Next, pull the fabric that is closer to the corners and staple that down. Do the corners by folding the edge in a 45-degree angle and stapling the fabric down. This is the result!

Now, install the hooks for hanging this artwork on the wall. Most are pretty simple, this one only required for us to hammer it into the back of the frame with a hammer.

Last, install the hooks on the wall to hang this up, match the hooks on the canvas to the ones on the wall and hang.

Estimated time for this project: 1 hour. It really didn't take long but my husband and I did this together as it was easier that way.

  • Once fabric is stapled to the canvas, you either have to remove the staples to recover it or recover it with the original fabric still on the canvas. I had an idea of making a cover for the recovered canvas with elasticized corners and a white lining to hide anything underneath. I will test this theory and post the results.

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