Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The Bride's Kit

Here's one for you brides: what should you carry around with you in your purse on your wedding day? You know, the one that you will have someone carry around on your wedding day with all of the emergency items? Here is what I had (and some of the items that I wish that I had on that day):

In the main pocket:
  1. A stain remover pen. Just be careful, some have added dyes or could dye the wedding dress.
  2. Tylenol or Advil, whatever you use for headaches or pain management.
  3. A copy of the ceremony program.
  4. A list of phone numbers: the church, photographer, transportation, florist and/or decorator, reception location, hotel, etc. Everyone involved in the wedding.
  5. Also, a map with directions to and from each wedding venue. If you don't use it, your driver might.
  6. A cell phone.
  7. A bottle of water with a tight-fitting cap. No leaks today!
  8. A snack like trail mix.
  9. Cash for any payments that have to be done on this day or for emergency items, like food or water that needs to be bought on site.
  10. A camera with a charged battery and empty SD card to take pictures during the day. You might not take these pictures, but others can use it.
  11. Any medication that you or your groom takes regularly. Although, this doesn't mean bring your vitamins with you.
  12. A small lint roller (if not for you, for the groom).
  13. A travel-sized package of kleenexes or homemade handkerchiefs.
  14. Cough drops.
In a small pencil case, in the purse:
  1. Long-lasting lipstick. Preferably, the one that you will be wearing on this day.
  2. Waterproof mascara.
  3. Concealor.
  4. Eyeliner, if you are wearing any.
  5. Chapstick or lip gloss.
  6. Safety pins.
  7. Bobby pins.
  8. A small can of strong hairspray.
  9. A comb.
  10. Spare earrings that match your dress.
  11. Polysporin.
  12. A bug bite treating stick.
  13. A nail clipper.
  14. A tweezer.
Optional items:
  1. A travel-sized container of hand lotion.
  2. A travel-sized spritzer of scented body spray.
  3. A travel-sized spritzer of glasses cleaner and a cloth - if you wear glasses, this might be a necessity.
  4. Depending on the season of your wedding, you may need allergy pills. If you are highly allergic to certain things, then bring an epi-pen.
  5. If you are very particular about your nails, bring your nail polish with you to fix any chips. I didn't care but some girls do. Just make sure that it doesn't spill or get on your dress when you reapply.

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