Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Product review: Green Chile Sub at Subway

There have been commercials lately (at least in Canada) about the Green Chile sub now at Subway. I actually just checked the Subway website and I couldn't find a promotion for it to show you, but anyways. The commercials have been promoting this sub and it looks really great in the commercial so I had to try it. I love trying new things and now I have a venue to share the experience with others.

So, I tried the Green Chile sub at Subway today and I have to say that my review of it, in one word, is "ehhhhh". I like spicy food that tastes great and this one does fit the bill but it tastes more like my usual favorite, the Steak and Cheese sub, than anything different. It is spicy and it tastes great but it is basically a Steak and Cheese sub with green chile sauce. Granted it was my first time having green chile sauce but it tasted the same. The commercial made it look fantastic: this six-inch sub stuffed with meat and green chile sauce. It looked so appetizing that I had to try it. It almost tasted like my favorite but with a bit of spice which was nice. It didn't blow my socks off though because it didn't taste much different.

Not to mention that my server didn't really know how the sandwich went together. Perhaps my experience is more tied to the blank-stare in my server than the sandwich, but it wasn't the best.

Well, if Subway is reading this, the sandwich is ok and it will probably sell but it's a carbon-copy of their Steak and Cheese sandwich (which I really like). It's not bad, just the same thing.

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