Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Drawstring lunch bag out of leftover pant legs

Back in August, I blogged about the capris that I created for myself as I had no shorts. Well, I used the leftover pant legs that were cut off the pants to make a drawstring lunch bag for myself. It is very easy to do as it is just a square bag with a drawstring.

I made this the same way that I made my felt gift bags (so the directions are there) with these small differences:
  • I did a zigzag stitch around all of the inside seams to keep it from fraying.
  • I folded the top under twice to create a seam at the top but with enough space to pass a ribbon through. Once this was sewn down, I cut two holes and passed a ribbon through the same way that I passed the elastic through my remade white skirt. The ribbon acts as a drawstring.
Estimated time for this project: about one hour. It took some time to measure out the fabric that I needed and to sew up the bottom (same as the felt gift bags). It also takes time to pass the ribbon through the top.

  • This could be made from almost any leftover fabric, I imagine. 
  • If I had made this from new fabric, I'd make it out of oilcloth.
  • To keep the ribbon in the bag, I knotted it at the ends but also close to the holes so that it didn't come out.

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