Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Felt gift bags

I absolutely love felt and I love finding new things to do with it! So, when Xmas was rolling around last year I had this great idea for reusable felt gift bags. These are actually quite simple, but they just require some time to measure and cut out.

For this project, I used 2 8x10 inch sheets of felt, scissors, pins, matching thread and a sewing machine. A seam ripper is also useful.

To start, I folded the first sheet of felt over and matched up the edges. I cut the felt on the fold.

These are the two face pieces. Next, with the second piece of felt I folded an edge lengthwise, about half way of the sheet of felt. I cut up the middle first then on the fold.

Now I am left with five pieces of felt: two fronts, two sides and a leftover piece which will be the bottom.

The bottom is tricky. There are no precise measurements. I took the leftover piece and lined up a front and a side piece to get an approximate measurement. I don't want for it to be too small or too big.

So, I laid a side piece on top of this leftover fabric and cut on the right-hand side for an approximate width measurement. I cut slightly larger than the side piece.

I also used a front piece to get a length measurement. I used the length of the front piece to gauge where to turn left and cut out my bottom piece.


When sewing, it is done in this pattern: side 1, front 1, side 2, front 2. The bottom is the last thing to be sewn together.

I pinned side 1 to front 1 on the outside (this will not be turned inside out: I want the seam on the outside).

I sewed these two pieces together with about 2 milimetres of seam allowance (yes, it isn't much).

I now pinned side 2 to front 1 and sewed that together.

Here it is sewn together as front 1, side 1, front 2, side 2.

I pinned side 2 and front 1 together to form a "box".

Now for the fun part: the bottom. I started by matching the bottom piece up to one of the corners of the front/side pieces and I started to pin with about the same amount of seam allowance. This takes awhile and I was often pricked like a pin cushion while doing it.

I folded one of the sides down for the sewing and sewed the bottom piece on all of the way around.

Now it is done! I will do another post on how to fasten the bag as I haven't finished that part yet.

Estimated time for this project: about 30-45 minutes. It takes about 10 minutes to do the measuring (with a little more on figuring out that bottom piece). Another 10 minutes is spent on sewing the four side and front pieces together. The bottom is tricky and more time consuming.

  • You could, of course, take measurements and make pattern pieces for a felt gift bag and use those instead of my primitive measurement method (notably on the bottom). Note to self: make pattern pieces.
  • I made my felt gift bags in brown, red and cream to match my Christmas colors.
  • If you have cream bags, you may have to use tissue paper or fabric to wrap the gift inside a little bit as it is a little bit see-through.
  • Why not make felt gift bags in your Christmas colors and reuse them every year for the holidays?
  • You could probably stencil some finished felt gift bags with fabric paint, like my burlap garland and burlap Christmas tree skirt.

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