Saturday, December 17, 2011

10 Fabulous Cheap (and homemade) Cat toys and treats

I decided that it was time to make some toys for my cat. I have lots of things around the house that I want to reuse or get out of my fabric stash.
  1. Shoe box toy from this website
  2. A stuffed sock.
  3. A fabric ball: take a scrap piece of fabric and stuff it with some wadded up paper, aluminum foil or other scrap fabric along with some catnip and some noisy bells. Sew it up to form a stuffed ball and toss that around for the cat.
  4. Any object made from eyelash yarn (bonus points if that is glittery or shiny eyelash yarn).
  5. A twist-tie: just make sure that it has no exposed metal ends. I'm rather paranoid about that.
  6. The cursor on your computer screen: ever notice how a cat really goes for that little moving arrow on your laptop? Mine sits next to me and watches it move around so I let him try to attack it - provided that he keeps the cardinal rule of never stepping on the computer keys. 
  7. Crumpled up balls of aluminum foil or wads of scrap paper.
  8. Leaves or pinecones from outside
  9. Feathers (or objects that have feathers on them). 
  10. An old tie. We don't use string as I knit but dragging an old tie around on the floor works wonders.
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