Sunday, December 4, 2011

Stenciled brown paper bag

I was about to throw this bag out when I remembered that Christmas is coming and I needed to wrap some items. So, I got out my stencils and started painting. Why not reuse something like this? It's just going into the recycle anyways.

For this project, I used some leftover newspaper, a stipple stenciling brush, acrylic paint in pink rose, an orphaned container to hold paint, tape and plastic snowflake stencils.

I used the same method as I did for my snowflake shower curtain: use the tape to adhere the stencil to the paper bag (in this case), use stipple brush to paint the stencil, remove stencils and then let it dry.

Stencil the back then the two sides. Done!

Estimated time for this project: about 1 hour, including drying time for the stencils. It was a very nice Saturday afternoon project!

  • There was a hole in the paper bag where a staple had fastened it shut but I stenciled over it to hide it. 
  • I have to note to properly clean that stipple brush after painting with it. I now have dried paint goo in it and once it's dry, it's hard to remove. Note to self!! 
  • To wrap, simply place the item in the bag and roll the top down. Staple or tape into place and add a pink yarn pom-pom or some other pink bow and a tag (perhaps a monogrammed felt one?).

  • This will work with any stencil and almost any color paint. I did this in pink to match my mom's Christmas decor as that is where I will be this year. However, I could have easily did this in red or brown for my own Christmas colors. 
  • Every time a brown paper bag comes into the house, save it for this project. This one was used to deliver Thai food to my door. It wasn't stained so I reused it. Can you imagine how many bags you'd have if you use them for your groceries or delivery? You'd never need to buy wrapping paper again.

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