Sunday, October 30, 2011

What to pack for your trip to Paris

Are you planning a trip to Paris? Surely, you are wondering what to pack as well then. Here are some of the items that I packed and what I wished that I had packed. Hopefully I have covered everything that you will need in one suitcase (yes, ONE).

  • a few really good magazines
  • your iPod, fully charged with new songs, podcasts, apps or TV shows that you haven't seen yet
  • your charger cord for your iPod
  • An adapter for European outlets
  • Lip gloss or chapstick (less than 100g)
  • A lined pad of paper and a pen: to record thoughts, events, your agenda, etc.
  • Your sunglasses: despite the time of year that you are traveling
  • Your laptop: there is a huge debate about if you should bring your computer or not. I did not but I seriously wish that I had. That doesn't mean that I would have spent hours on end on the computer, but I could have uploaded my photos every day and used the wireless internet on my computer with my keyboard (the computer in our apartment had a French keyboard which drove both of us insane).
  • A Paris guide book
  • Your money
  • Your Museum Pass, any tickets to events that you printed out beforehand (Eiffel Tower, Seine Cruises, etc.)
  • Any medication that you must take while you are traveling in a plane
  • Any jewelry that you have brought with you for the trip

  • 5 shirts (all of them that match your pants, coat and shoes) fitting the seasonal weather
  • 3 pairs of pants (all of them that match your shirts)
  • 2 sets of pajamas
  • 5 pairs of clean socks
  • 6 sets of clean underwear
  • 1 jacket or coat that matches everything and fits the seasonal weather
  • 1 really great scarf that matches everything
  • 2 pairs of shoes (one that you are wearing, one you have packed) and both are good for walking for 8 hours on end.
Items not to bring:
  • Pumps or boots with a heel: seriously, walk in it for 8 hours then see if you can do that for 10 days.Then don't pack them.
  • Your purse, wallet and almost anything from it: this is not the place to carry around a purse. Keep what you need in the pocket of your coat or carry around one small back that has your RER pass, Museum pass, keys and a little bit of money in it.
  • a double duty shampoo/body wash
  • a bath puff or face cloth (if you use one)
  • toothbrush and toothpaste
  • floss
  • your make-up (just the basics that you use every day)
  • face wash and moisturizer (if you use this)
  • deodorant
  • a small supply of tylenol (just in case)
  • Any medication that you take daily or use often enough that you have to take it with you
  • a nail clipper
  • 1 bottle of Melatonin (to help with jet lag)
Items not to bring:
  • your body lotion unless it is in a smaller bottle and will fit in your toiletry organizer
  • nail polish, nail polish remover
Other items in your suitcase:
  • 2 reusable grocery bags for shopping. Carry these with you as you travel around the city and use them instead of plastic bags as you cannot recycle in the city centre.
  • One knitting project -- or any other craft that you do. Bring one small project and do it in the evenings while you are resting after a long day. Just an hour here and there. You'll be very happy that you brought it.
  • Try to keep the weight of your suitcase under 30 lbs (if you can) as your limit will most likely be 50 lbs. You will need that extra space and weight for the items that you are going to bring back: wine, cheese, books, souvenirs, etc.

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