Sunday, October 30, 2011

10 things to do with crayons

After perusing Etsy, one of my favorite websites, and the internet I found tons of cool things to do with leftover or new crayons. I found this very interesting as I know many people who have jars of leftover crayons that just sit around. Here is some inspiration of what to do with those crayons (and, a post that I intend to tuck away for when I have children of my own).
  1. Upcycle them: melt them all together in moulds so that you get rainbow crayons like this. It will definitely use up the crayon stash and lead to really cool variegated colored masterpieces.
  2. Crayon art: on Etsy, I found melted crayon art in blue/green, rainbow, neon, and more. I really like this one.
  3. Crayon wreath: what a wonderful Christmas idea for kids! Check this one out!
  4. Reform them: there are so many great ideas. All you need is the molds and then you can do it yourself (here is a post on homemade by Jill that shows you how). Or, go on Etsy to find some in the shapes of robots, race cars, lego pieces, teapots, fortune cookies, cupcakes and so much more. 
  5. Crayon clock: here is one from Etsy although you can probably figure out how to make it.
  6. Framed crayon letters: you can glue crayons together and form them in the shape of a letter like this one then frame it.
  7. Make a crayon roll: you can make a crayon roll so that the kids can take their crayons with them without them going everywhere.
  8. Crayon party favors: remold crayons according to the theme of the party and give them to little guests in bags as party favors.
  9. Cookie crayons: this crafter made crayons that look like Oreo cookies! What a great idea!
  10. Crayon candles: if you can reform them into new crayons, you can also form them into candles with a wick. Here is a question on Yahoo! that explains this.

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