Saturday, September 3, 2011

10 Ways to Reuse a Yogurt Container

I always like finding ways to reuse things that come into the house. I hate throwing things out without finding a way to reuse it. Perhaps you do too? The only recommendation I found about yogurt containers is to not use them to store leftovers, specifically when heating them up in the microwave.
  1. Use it as a planter. I have an aunt who cleaned the yogurt container and planted an African violet in it. You can cover the front of the container with a nice, recyclable paper to cover the label.
  2. Use it in home organization. You can use many containers to organize things in the bathroom, kitchen or the bedroom. Small yogurt containers can organize hair accessories, necklaces and earrings for children and nails, nuts and washers in the garage.  
  3. Use it in crafting. If you are painting, use the yogurt container for your water or paint. If you do beading, use them to store beads en masse or to separate the larger sets of beads from the smaller. It can also be used as a button container or to store your bobbins for sewing.
  4. Use it as an elastic container. Instead of buying elastics, whenever they come into the house on vegetables or bags, put them in the container. Whenever you need one, it’s all there.
  5. Use it to store checkers or chess pieces to your game board. Usually those sets don’t come with a container for the small pieces.
  6. Reuse it when making homemade yogurt.
  7. Use it when painting the walls or the trim in the house. It’s the perfect size for smaller portions of paint and the paintbrushes fit inside.
  8. Use it to store leftover pieces of yarn once knitting projects are done. Whenever you need a small quantity of yarn, it is all in one place.
  9. Use it to store lego pieces (or other small toys) for kids whenever you go on a trip.
  10. Use it to store the kids’ markers, crayons or coloured pencils once the original package has been torn. 

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