Sunday, December 11, 2011

Secret Santa Gift Ideas

Are you running a Secret Santa this year? Or, you can't think of anything to get for the event? Well, here are some gift ideas that may inspire you this year. These are also some great gender-neutral ideas if you are searching for gifts for relatives and friends as well.
  1. Gift cards: this could be for the grocery store, department store, theatre, coffee shop or a restaurant.
  2. Stainless steel coffee travel mug.
  3. A coffee set with a mug and a bag of coffee beans
  4. Box of chocolates, shortbread or candy: this one is harder as so many people have food allergies but you could ask beforehand if anyone objects. You could also make these at home instead of buying them. 
  5. Office gift box: think of something that everyone in the office uses and constantly runs out of, like pens, pencils, card clips (if you need a pass that you clip to your clothes), silverware, etc. Just buy it separately and put it together in a basket or something like that.
  6. Bottle of wine or other spirits.
  7. Gourmet cooking set of flavored olive oils, vinegars and jams: If you are crafty, you can make this at home.
  8. A USB key or SD card.
  9. A nice photo album or photo frame.
  10. A box of homemade Christmas cards with envelopes.
  11. A fun new calendar for their desk. Perhaps one of those daily or monthly ones.
  12. The latest best seller (hardcover or soft cover) on a topic that everyone enjoys or a book on a topic that everyone enjoys.
  13. A holiday-themed candle (I'm always surprised how many men dig candles).
  14. A sick kit: pack a basket with cough drops, Neo-Citran, and other things that you use when you are sick. 
  15. A set of nice wine glasses (shot glasses, or bourbon glasses)
  16. A nice Christmas ornament
  17. Any cooking or baking equipment: mixing bowls, baking sheets, cookie cutters, whisks or other utensils. 
  18. Small appliances like a kettle, toaster oven, coffee grinder, power whisk, etc.
  19. A nice throw or blanket for the house
  20. A DVD of a movie or TV show that everyone enjoys or one that fits the season.

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