Saturday, November 5, 2011

10 Great Presents for your Parents

I like to spoil my parents at Xmas. Each year I like to spend time thinking of some great things to give my parents for the holidays. These are some of the great ideas that I have thought of:
  1. Homemade Videos on DVDs: take all of the videos that your parents took of you when you were a child and take them into a camera or video store that migrates from a video to a DVD. Get them to digitize the video and burn it onto a DVD for you. If you can, get the digital copies of the video as well. 
  2. Scrapbooks: take pictures of when you were young or from the past year and create a scrapbook for your parents. 
  3. Digital Picture Frame: load up a digital photo frame with pictures from the past year and let your parents enjoy seeing what you have been up to - this is a bonus if you have kids. Whenever you have new photos or visit home, load up the frame with new photos for a gift that keeps on giving. 
  4. Restored Old Family Photos: scan them at a very high resolution and either get a photo editor to restore them or you can try it yourself with a program like Picasa or Adobe Photoshop. Get the photos developed and frame them for a surprising gift.
  5. Genealogy scrapbook: building on scrapbooks and restored old family photos, why not create a scrapbook detailing your family history complete with old photos, stories and old recipe cards.
  6. His and her scarves: knit a scarf set: hat, scarf and mitts for each parent. You can use a different pattern for each of them in their favorite colors.
  7. Recipe book: if your parents never wrote down their recipes, perhaps you could do it for them. Write them down and assemble them in a journal, perhaps complete with photos. You can also do it in a spiral notebook with tabs to divide meals, desserts and holidays.
  8. Old TV shows and movies: buy them a collection of movies or TV shows that they grew up with. Movie studios are releasing many older TV shows on DVD so it's great for your parents to relive their childhood or youth. 
  9. Lessons or Classes: pay for them to take a class in a topic that interests them, or perhaps a topic that they've wanted to learn more about. 
  10. Time: turn off the TV and put the computers away then spend the afternoon playing all of the games that you grew up on: Monopoly, Sorry, Battleship, Checkers, etc. 

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