Monday, October 10, 2011

Using up small scraps of paper when scrapbooking

Ahh, scrapbooking. A past time that I would love to spend more time on. I have glorious visions of all of my photos carefully catalogued in stacks of scrapbooks although I don't think that would ever happen. However, whenever I do sit down to scrapbook I always have the issue of what to do with the small scraps. I feel very guilty if I toss them into the recycling bin so I always try to find ways to reuse them. But what on earth can you do with small scraps of paper? Here are 10 things that I can think of that may help me and you towards greener scrapbooking. 

  1. Use it when journaling (labelling photographs or detailing events). If you want to mount white paper, use a piece of colored paper below and cut to the proper dimensions.
  2. Use it for the titles of pages. You can mount white paper and use the colored piece underneath.
  3. If you only have small scraps, cut them into photo edges and add them to your page.

  4. If you have larger pieces, use it to mount photographs with a border behind.
  5. Again, for larger or long, skinny pieces, use it as a border on the edges or on the page itself.
  6. Use small scraps to cut out letters. I find it easier to draw the letter on the paper first and cut out afterwards. You can also draw the letters on white paper and mount them on colored paper scraps.
  7. Use a scrap to create a paper button. Cut it out into a button shape and draw the four holes in the middle and trace an “edge”. Then, use it like a button to pin a tag on the page.
  8. If you have small, ripped scraps, use it behind photographs for some background detail.
  9. If you have small squares, use them on a page for a diamond detail. This works well if the scraps are in a color that matches the layout (ex. Brown paper with green leaves goes well with green or white scraps).
  10. Use scraps as “tags” on pages. You can cut it out to look like a tag and journal in a title and details.

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