Wednesday, October 12, 2011

10 things I learned from my wedding

Well, I just got married and now I have lots of interesting tidbits to share with you. Some of you will laugh at this, but I thought that all I had to do was walk down the aisle and smile. I learned some new things on that day. This is for all of you girls who want to get married some day!
  1. That wedding dress is HOT: Ok, if you are getting married in a poufy dress like I did, you will be very warm under that dress. It felt like I was wearing four wool sweaters over my legs the whole time. I wasn't cold at all despite the fact that it was a Fall day.
  2. You will cry: I kept saying that I wouldn't cry at my wedding and I couldn't understand why brides did. Well, I did. Almost the whole evening. I cried that the food was so good, or during the speeches. I cried during the slideshow and during pictures. I laughed so hard that I cried.
  3. Your wedding dress will not be clean: seriously, just try keeping that dress clean. It is impossible. People step on it and leave their shoe marks, you drag it on the ground and the flower petals leave stains on it. Your dress will not be clean unless you have walk around with a personal dry cleaner.
  4. Bring food to the photo session: in all of the rush, we forgot to bring food with us and there was five hours between the ceremony and the reception. I regretted that in my post on what I would have done differently. Seriously, bring food. Everyone is hungry.
  5. Your reception list will change: I had to submit a head count for my reception but even then, some people cancel at the last minute or some decide that they will go after the fact. 
  6. Do all of the fun stuff at the beginning of the reception: when you plan a reception, do all of the fun stuff during the first two to three hours. We had our meal and then had the speeches, attendant gifts and a slideshow. At that point, anyone who went to bed early or had to go home to their kids left but still had a fabulous time leaving the rest of us hooligans to dance and mingle around. We all had fun, but don't plan the fun stuff at 11pm.
  7. You will not sleep for days - before and after the wedding: I seriously couldn't sleep for two days before the wedding because my brain would not shut off, then (surprisingly) I couldn't sleep for two days after the wedding either! It was such a big event that my brain was still processing everything that had happened during those nights.  
  8. Expect the unexpected: I thought that I had planned everything but my wedding started 15 minutes late because we were waiting on some very important guests. Just go with it. Everything still turned out fine. Expect a few bumps and don't take it personally.
  9. Nothing will be perfect, either: don't expect for your make-up and hair to still look perfect 5 hours later, that is, after the ceremony and photo shoot. Some things won't stay in place (like bobby pins or your veil) and some things you'll just have to take off (like your shoes). I went barefoot for the entire reception.
  10. It is the busiest, most stressful, and most enjoyable day of your life: I have never had such a good day in my life. I had the most fun anyone could ever have in a single day. I laughed, I cried, I jumped for joy.

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