Friday, August 26, 2011

Apron from an old men's dress shirt, part 1

This is a project that I made a few weeks ago. Instead of buying an apron, I decided to make one out of an old men's dress shirt that my husband had lying around.

So first, start out with an old men's dress shirt like this one:

Start with the following:
1. Remove the buttons with a seam ripper and add to a button jar (if you have one).
2. Cut off cuffs and the collar.
3. Using the seam ripper, take off the pocket and keep it.
4. Cut the shirt into pieces at the seams so that you have two fronts, two sleeves, one back and one pocket.

You will be left with this back:

Now it's time to use these pieces. First, fold the back of the shirt over so that the former seams are touching. Cut a line from the former arm-pit to the neckline and cut the neck like so:

Next, cut two waist straps from one of the arms like so (don't mind the wrinkles):

Lastly, cut the button strip off of one of the fronts which will be used as a neck strap. I cut one inch away from the button strip for seam allowance.

That is all of the cut pieces to make this apron! In the next post, I will write how I sewed it all together.

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